Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chubby Brown - Blackpool Opera House

Sat 25th Aug 2007

Well this came in late.

We were asked if we could do a warm up for the 'Chubster' bfore doing the gig at Presthaven...we said OK!

Ralph & Chaps set up the gear at Prestatyn then drove back to Blackpool where Dave, Rich & meself did the sound check for Chubby.

It was a very different venue to what we're used to. The Opera House seats about 4000 people and from the stage, anyone at the back looks like a dot.

View of Blackpool Opera House from Chubbys Piano You can't get the impression of size from this pic, but if you look close you can see Dave & Ralph at the back.

Chubs was very amiable - coming to our dressing room after fukin bootin us out of his just to make sure he had got the best room.

Chappie was very nervous as he hasn't met Chubby before so I introduced him and Chubs posed for a pic with the Chapster.

'He seems like a nice bloke but he ain't half a funny fukin colour - he looks like summat off the fukin Simpsons...' Said Chubby about Paul, yesterday!

There is some accidental footage of Chubby telling us a joke on our youtube channel here!

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