Sunday, September 09, 2007

Maltby Progressive WMC - Rotherham

Fri 7th Sep 2007

Another good night...always is here despite SoulGlow being the centre of attention (his words, not ours) and copping off with all the nice birds.

'There's a table full of smart blonde lasses out there and every one of 'em wants me!' Well who wouldn't? You don't look bad for 67! Joolz posing, just before bouncing me mobile phone across the dressing room floor.

Incidentally, Joolz would like it to be known that he likes to keep in shape...although wot fukin shape is beyond us.

'You know that wot you sat on, wot you can feel yeah? Well it ain't a torch...that's all I'm saying' Joolz, inflicting his lurv on Denise Van Outen...yesterday!

Really the highlight of the evening was me splitting my pants onstage and my false groodie falling out!

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