Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coombe Haven Showtime

27102008017 [640x480] 

Kaybee(keely), Lil Shel And Lorna..

Partying It Down Babes.

27102008018 [640x480] 

Total Without The Masks.

Its Keely,Lil Shel And Beef. RUDEBOYYYY!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rich starring in Team Fortress 2...

Yes, HQ's very own Rich is starring as the Heavy in Team Fortress 2!


'Cry some more...ha-ha-ha-haaaa' etc...etc...

Rich in TF2, yesterday

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The 'Hopton One' - Freed at last!

After a night languishing in the cells at Hopton constabulary showing his pound trick off, Ralph was released without charge.

This comes after vomiting in the police car, offering out both of the officers who came round to our caravan and pissing in front of the judge.

N95 8GB 026

The 'Hopton One' breathing free air again after being released without any charges being made...yesterday!

More bits of the eventful weekend...

DJ'ings Housequake stylee...

N95 8GB 025

Ralph in the box...SHABBA!

And some bum sigining.

N95 8GB 024

Got some pussy back at our caravan...

N95 8GB 029

"Somebody get this tit off me"

[Some pussy cat being felt up by scar head ginger pasty-face singer...yesterday]

An eventful weekend - part III

Mirror ball hugging...

N95 8GB 021
Like that...

N95 8GB 022
Hang on a minute...

N95 8GB 023
That's it!

An Eventful weekend - part II

Second night in an Rich manages to get a beer can embedded in his skull.

N95 8GB 015

Now that takes some doing!

An eventful weekend - part I

Four nights in Great Yarmouth and Chappie managed to cut his head before the gig...

N95 8GB 016

...it might look tame but it's a really, really, really deep cut that is - honest!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ELO Frontman?


...seen here photographing himself (again) whilst on Holiday in Bridlington...yesterday!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Another weekend in Wales

Prestatyn and Pwllhi Haven

N95 8GB 028
You can fuk off I've spat on this one!
Ralph and someone, yesterday!

Escapade Barnsley

N95 8GB 020

The soulmesidter of Glow...larger than life and looking a bit like Lionel Ritchie!

N95 8GB 024 
Wahey the lads, four more Jagermeisters please.

N95 8GB 021
Pink Floyds guitarist...yesterday!