Thursday, January 31, 2008

Doobie Brothers Club - Bolton

Sat 26th Jan ...3 days to my B.Day...

Some club in Bolton...can only remember bits of it!

Was OK til Chappie gave some stuff and said 'just hold the spoon over the flame and that brown stuff will turn into a smoking liquid. When it does, get yer nose in and inhale'll be a right gud laff!'

This is a picture of Jo...with her tongue out!

This is a picture of Jo...with her knob out!

This is Joolz and meself looking quite pleased?! What was that stuff called again Chappie?

The next day I had lost £50 and had most of my teeth kicked out. I sent Ralph a txt. asking if he knew wot had happened and he replied he didn't, but sent me this pic saying that this dodgy looking wierdo was hanging about backstage.

This was the takeaway...allegedley.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Assassin's Creed?

Anyone else playing this on the PS3?

Well, I am and the the thing is...the girl in the office keeps showing me her knickers!

No-one believes me so I took a pic, see for yerself.

I don't think she's really blonde unless them pants have black edges?

Rawmarsh Trades and Labour Club - Rotherham

Sat Jan 12th

13 years since we last played here!

Them were the days, queueing at 6pm to get in, clubs selling out of beer, free sex round the back oh we knew how to rock & roll how d'you father do it!

Good night!

Mr Motivator & Martin 'as tha smokt it yet' came to see us but buggered off when they knew we wanted a pic for the blog...must still be claiming benefits or summat?

Anyways we had to make us own 'everybody get motivated' routines but it werkt well...nobody noticed is wot I mean.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Atherlsey Social - Barnsley

Sat Jan 5th


Rich off ill with man flu, had to fanny about picking up Joolz, satnav took us a real arse-about-face way here so when we arrived we should have been on stage 10 minutes ago.

Club committee can be a real p.i.a - we had already been told that if we didn't bring our own lights we would be turned away at the door...the same fekin door Ralph & Chappie were sat at 20 minutes waiting to get in, whilst the club owner (who lives upstairs) read his newspaper sat on the pan!

This venue has a good set of lights cnut can be arsed to turn em on!

Happy New Year!

I don't want to do this place again, me & Ralph got asked to move coz we were stood ever so slightly near the end of the bar, where the glass collector needs a 20 foot radius to operate?

Apparently, you can't put a round table at front coz all others are square???

What are you doing? You can't stand/put/even think about putting that there!

BIG Thanks to Steve and Ariel Micks lad for helping out 2nite!