Monday, September 17, 2007

Frontier Club - Batley

Sat 15th Sep 2007

Wot a swearing tw@t that new DJ from Galaxy FM is! Every other word was either fuk or fukin until they went live then he nice as! Anyway, fuk im!

Still as mad as eva in that this place is completely empty and then fills up in the blink of an eye.

Good crowd, Shipton Builders leaving their post it's on evry1 and a good atmosphere.

Is it a guvvie? The Shipton Builders looking for tarmac driveway jobs in Frontier...last night!

Goose Geen Labour Club - Wigan

Fri 14th Sep 2007

Usual kinda banging night, nice n full with evry1 in a good mood...except them that wanted a fag and had to go stand outside, Wifflin b@stads!

Frankie the Saint present and correct in a nice pink shirt, but arrived too late to go on before us on account he really didn't want to come but couldn't get out of it.

'That's not how you check me prostate Dean!' Ralf & Deano propping up the bar at Wigan...last night!

'Hi there...'O god it's him again. SoulGlo, larger than life & twice as oily. At Wigan...last night!

'Good dancing but wot you doin wiv me fekin sleeves?' Two of the GG Wigan stompers...last night!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chicago Rock Cafe - Norwich

Wed Sep 12th 2007

Eng 3: Rus 0

Not a sausage, this place was as empty as an empty box on a day after it had just been emptied.

Only football supporters out so it was decided we would only do a half hour set.

By the time we had got changed the place was heaving and it turned out to be a really good night.

England won too so that was a bonus!

From's the quiz of the week! Or summat like that!

What do you think to the pedestrianisation of Norwich City Centre?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Blue Dolphin Holiday Park - Filey

Sat 8th Sep 2007

Today I played the part of road krew and travelled with Ralph and Chappie and Chappies bird who I should refrain from calling 'Chappies bird' but it's just a habit now.

So we all set off early I set up the black curtains on the HQ boards.

My effort at putting up the curtains behind the HQ made the show sooo much betterer.

Ralph wants you all to know he's had his teef done by the same Hungarian girl wot did Frankie the Saints. He'd like to know wot you all think!

'Is it a guvvie?' Ralf and his new teef...yesterday.

Maltby Progressive WMC - Rotherham

Fri 7th Sep 2007

Another good night...always is here despite SoulGlow being the centre of attention (his words, not ours) and copping off with all the nice birds.

'There's a table full of smart blonde lasses out there and every one of 'em wants me!' Well who wouldn't? You don't look bad for 67! Joolz posing, just before bouncing me mobile phone across the dressing room floor.

Incidentally, Joolz would like it to be known that he likes to keep in shape...although wot fukin shape is beyond us.

'You know that wot you sat on, wot you can feel yeah? Well it ain't a torch...that's all I'm saying' Joolz, inflicting his lurv on Denise Van Outen...yesterday!

Really the highlight of the evening was me splitting my pants onstage and my false groodie falling out!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Thorpe Park Holiday Camp - Cleethorpes

Sat 1st Sep 2007

Usual kind of Haven gig.

Thanks to Funstars for helping out...again!

Liane and Ollie. Young Man, at our age? At your age? At our age...oohh young man!

Havana Lounge - Wakefield

Fri 31st Aug 2007

Parking up at Rooftops Gardens Car Park and walking across to this venue was like being abroad.

The whole of Wakefield Centre is like Ibiza, just a mass of people in very little clothing stood outside clubs drinking and that.

This place has been done out nice and there are five lounges in here.

No stage as such but everyone willing to dance so I was happy.

Havana Lounge...dark innit? Ralph wanted me to get this pic coz all of the monitors were showing our web can't tell tho!