Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Me n me dad

Taken on the morning of me dad's 40th birthday after he only got 2 hours sleep!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More pics from Dominic's

The highlight of the evening must have been when the owner bought me a special Birthday drink - a flaming Sambuca!

Both Lance & Ralph told me I had to exstinguish the flame with my hand and then drink it.


Bearing in mind that unbeknown to me the drink had been alight fo some time, I placed my hand on the now red-hot glass which stuck to my palm. When I realised it was hurting I shook my hand free and sent flaming napalm like sambuca all over the bar.

Not pleasant.

'OUCHA': My hand the following day, branded by a sodding glass. Don't know why Shaun gave me the corner of a fiver but there it is.

Bryn's 40th part IV - Dominic's Restaurant, Anlaby

Sunday Jan 28th 2007 - Big day tomorrow!

Tonite was a three pronged attack consisting of a meal at Dominic's in Anlaby, into AP for last orders and then back to mine for some partaaayyy!

Meal was great! I had BBQ steak with sauted potatoes, and veggies.

Drinks weren't so great 'coz I had received 4 or 5 bottles of JD and once opened, JD was finding it's way into every drink I had: Red wine, white wine, Asti, Champagne, flaming sambuca (ouch) and tequila.

No Norfolk (bat fastad) and Barty rolled up after meal but hey, he made it...WHERE WERE YOU NOZ??? WE ALL CAME TO YOUR 40TH DIDN'T WE???

More of the same, JD finding it's way into my drinks, still loving it tho. Remember being p1ssed and dancing to casper slide with Shaun and Toni.

Abbott residence:

Absolutely A-holed! Everyone back except Ralph & Toni and Lance & Cheryl, partied up unitl what felt like some unholy hour but apparently everyone had left by 2:00am.

'What a gorgeous pair of Carolines!': Shaunies and my Caroline, Angels of our lives...

'Shaunie and Me!': Shaunie and Me - nuff said

'Just let your soooouuuulllll glllooowwww': Joolz an me

'Jimmmaaayyy': Never far from a p1ss up

'Looking left along the table...': Lance & Cheryl with Toni (Venus) & Ralph...

Bryn's 40th part III - Fajita Party

Saturday Jan 27th 2007. Two days to Birthday.

Not feeling good today, only had two hours sleep and was up with Freddie, he's ace, makes me feel better.

Supposed to be having a big Mexican/Tequila and fajita party at our house, but as I was feeling crap I had to slow down.

Not many pics taken today, which was a shame.

'O allo!': Freddie an me, after I had two hours spleep.

'Where's me cake?': My 40th Cake!

Bryn's 40th part II - Brannigans, Reading

Feeling quite bad today, started drinking at 10:00am, could be the litre and a half of vodka I polished off?

Felt bad on way down think pics show me getting increasingly paler as night progressed.

Gig was OK, filled up nicely and a bottle of fizz from DJ, late, late night. Didn't get home while 5am.

'This lot took some downing': My drinks table

'Are those my teeth?': Me and Jimmmaaayyy

'Come ere, gizza kiss': Ralph an me - getting a whitey on

'Full whitey': On way 'ome, want me bed

Friday, January 26, 2007

More pics

Some more pics of first night of my 40th bender at Wakefield.

The legend that is Mr Carl Carr, DJ extraordinaire for Mustang Sallies, wakefield. Helping out as Tina Turner

Me an me main man 'Lucky' Shaunie

Me an 'Lucky' Shaunie again - Shaun doing an impression of his brother Martin on this one

Ralph's ed

Mine an Ralph's ed's

Bryn's 40th part I - Mustang sallies, Wakefield

Well I think I did OK, I'm still sat up at twenty past three sipping a glass of some wierd single malt I decided to buy myself today, it's alrite!

Gig was good (or at least my recollection of it was) with DJ Carl Carr helping us along again - no bottle of fizz wot I was promised though ya tight tw@t!

Did manage to take some pics and a vid of Rod & Tina which is up on our Youtube channel, with Ralph shouting 'bend over!'so I''ll let the pics speak for themselves.
Me an Ralph

Some bald geezer with Chappie

Some baldie bloke with DJ Carl Carr

Me with some bald bastad

'Can I get a reeeeewiiiind?': Craig in David stylee!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lane Top WMC - Sheffield

Sat 20th Jan 2007

Last time we played here one of the committee men said 'You'll not be back here again!'

Erm, well here we are, where do you want us to set up?

Just like last time there were plenty of older upset heads (Tina Turners jamrag getting most dissaproving looks) but the majority were laffing so fuk 'em.

No Dave tonite but we were ably assisted by he lovely Jimmmaaayyy on Michael Jackson, George Bush and Riverdance.

Tonite was Jimmmaaayyy's Birthday celebration and he seemed proud of the fact that no matter how much he drinks he never gets drunk, something that both Shaun and Chappie can testify to.

Apparently Jimmmaaayyy can drink ale all night long and still be stood standing, not so tonite!

I bought the Birthday lad a JD & Coke... One, ONE SINGLE - not a double JD & Coke with the following result:

'I sed haddock n chips twice, beans an gravy, a pork pie wi mushy peas , a fried mars bar an a diet coke or I'll take the rest off': Housequake's own Jimmmaaayyy, p1ssed as a fart, trying to impress the local chip shop ladies.

Tonite also saw a new venture down the avenue of audience participation, The Get a Baldie out of the Audience and put him onstage where Rich should be and see if anyone notices bit.

Tonite Dannielle's step-Dad Steve took up the introductory role with the not so surprising result that nobody noticed anything different about Rich (except maybe he had learnt some new dance moves), but just who was the wierdo with wire wool for hair stood next to him???

Joolz: 'I can see you!'
Audience: 'We can see you need your roots doin!'

Friday, January 12, 2007

Chicago Rock - St.Helens

January 10th 2007

Haven't played since New Years Eve so was looking forward to seeing wot I had forgotten.

Arrived to find Soulglow, Dave & Rich at a table enjoying the ambience??? So I took the opportunity to try my new Sony Ericsson K800i out...

Good excuse for a caption competition?

This night Housequake found themselves without two main members, Ralph and Shaun.

Ralph is away in Barbados (he had to buy two seats on the plane but hey, at least he got two meals!!!) and Shaun is having his nostrils plucked and ear hair waxed.


Not a very busy night but helped out by a birthday party and some late revellers in full swing.

Chappie is coming down with Herpes Simplex-10 so his voice was wavering (isn't it always?) but I felt he performed admirably...for a ginger person with HS-10!

We were asked on the way out who the new guy (Joolz) was, I replied 'we didn't know' and he had come backstage asking us if he could get up and do a few, so we said 'yes as long as you help with the gear', the doorman who asked said 'I thought so, you could tell!'

Best bit for me was driving home and Chappie telling me how much he hates singing Gnarls Barkleys Crazy...

Chappie: "I hate singing that Gnarls Barkley one!"
Brynster: "But I know a lot of people who look forward to hearing you sing that one coz you do it well!"
Chappie: "Well, yeah I know!"

Just ONE of the wierd side-effects of Herpes Simplex-10. you may laugh but I had to drive all the way home with this!

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Eve 2007

Time Nightclub, Scunthorpe.

What a nice surprise! For the past ten years we have played here on New Years Eve, we saw it change from Henry Africas (which we all loved) to Time and we haven't had good experiences since then.

We have in the past been on the dance floor, toe-to-toe with silly gobshites who just want to have a crack at us while we're performing - silly p1ssed-up little fukkers.

Not so tonight!

They have installed a stage which means we weren't on eye level with the audience but I don't think that would have mattered tonight, the crowd seemed different.

A group of kids were thrown out at about 10:30, usual kinda thing but everyone seemed to want to watch us, which was a bonus!

We went on at 11:00pm and were all in the car on the way home for ten to midnight, Simon (56) the resident DJ looking after us with a crate or two of booze.

"I don't know why we bother booking them, they're a complete set of talentless fukkers!": Simon (67), Time DJ and provider of alcohol with Ralph (24), Housequake golden tonsils and drinker of mucho beers.

A much better night than previous years.

Happy New Year, Luv 'n' Stuff Housequake!