Friday, January 12, 2007

Chicago Rock - St.Helens

January 10th 2007

Haven't played since New Years Eve so was looking forward to seeing wot I had forgotten.

Arrived to find Soulglow, Dave & Rich at a table enjoying the ambience??? So I took the opportunity to try my new Sony Ericsson K800i out...

Good excuse for a caption competition?

This night Housequake found themselves without two main members, Ralph and Shaun.

Ralph is away in Barbados (he had to buy two seats on the plane but hey, at least he got two meals!!!) and Shaun is having his nostrils plucked and ear hair waxed.


Not a very busy night but helped out by a birthday party and some late revellers in full swing.

Chappie is coming down with Herpes Simplex-10 so his voice was wavering (isn't it always?) but I felt he performed admirably...for a ginger person with HS-10!

We were asked on the way out who the new guy (Joolz) was, I replied 'we didn't know' and he had come backstage asking us if he could get up and do a few, so we said 'yes as long as you help with the gear', the doorman who asked said 'I thought so, you could tell!'

Best bit for me was driving home and Chappie telling me how much he hates singing Gnarls Barkleys Crazy...

Chappie: "I hate singing that Gnarls Barkley one!"
Brynster: "But I know a lot of people who look forward to hearing you sing that one coz you do it well!"
Chappie: "Well, yeah I know!"

Just ONE of the wierd side-effects of Herpes Simplex-10. you may laugh but I had to drive all the way home with this!

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