Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lane Top WMC - Sheffield

Sat 20th Jan 2007

Last time we played here one of the committee men said 'You'll not be back here again!'

Erm, well here we are, where do you want us to set up?

Just like last time there were plenty of older upset heads (Tina Turners jamrag getting most dissaproving looks) but the majority were laffing so fuk 'em.

No Dave tonite but we were ably assisted by he lovely Jimmmaaayyy on Michael Jackson, George Bush and Riverdance.

Tonite was Jimmmaaayyy's Birthday celebration and he seemed proud of the fact that no matter how much he drinks he never gets drunk, something that both Shaun and Chappie can testify to.

Apparently Jimmmaaayyy can drink ale all night long and still be stood standing, not so tonite!

I bought the Birthday lad a JD & Coke... One, ONE SINGLE - not a double JD & Coke with the following result:

'I sed haddock n chips twice, beans an gravy, a pork pie wi mushy peas , a fried mars bar an a diet coke or I'll take the rest off': Housequake's own Jimmmaaayyy, p1ssed as a fart, trying to impress the local chip shop ladies.

Tonite also saw a new venture down the avenue of audience participation, The Get a Baldie out of the Audience and put him onstage where Rich should be and see if anyone notices bit.

Tonite Dannielle's step-Dad Steve took up the introductory role with the not so surprising result that nobody noticed anything different about Rich (except maybe he had learnt some new dance moves), but just who was the wierdo with wire wool for hair stood next to him???

Joolz: 'I can see you!'
Audience: 'We can see you need your roots doin!'

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