Friday, January 26, 2007

Bryn's 40th part I - Mustang sallies, Wakefield

Well I think I did OK, I'm still sat up at twenty past three sipping a glass of some wierd single malt I decided to buy myself today, it's alrite!

Gig was good (or at least my recollection of it was) with DJ Carl Carr helping us along again - no bottle of fizz wot I was promised though ya tight tw@t!

Did manage to take some pics and a vid of Rod & Tina which is up on our Youtube channel, with Ralph shouting 'bend over!'so I''ll let the pics speak for themselves.
Me an Ralph

Some bald geezer with Chappie

Some baldie bloke with DJ Carl Carr

Me with some bald bastad

'Can I get a reeeeewiiiind?': Craig in David stylee!

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