Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bryn's 40th part IV - Dominic's Restaurant, Anlaby

Sunday Jan 28th 2007 - Big day tomorrow!

Tonite was a three pronged attack consisting of a meal at Dominic's in Anlaby, into AP for last orders and then back to mine for some partaaayyy!

Meal was great! I had BBQ steak with sauted potatoes, and veggies.

Drinks weren't so great 'coz I had received 4 or 5 bottles of JD and once opened, JD was finding it's way into every drink I had: Red wine, white wine, Asti, Champagne, flaming sambuca (ouch) and tequila.

No Norfolk (bat fastad) and Barty rolled up after meal but hey, he made it...WHERE WERE YOU NOZ??? WE ALL CAME TO YOUR 40TH DIDN'T WE???

More of the same, JD finding it's way into my drinks, still loving it tho. Remember being p1ssed and dancing to casper slide with Shaun and Toni.

Abbott residence:

Absolutely A-holed! Everyone back except Ralph & Toni and Lance & Cheryl, partied up unitl what felt like some unholy hour but apparently everyone had left by 2:00am.

'What a gorgeous pair of Carolines!': Shaunies and my Caroline, Angels of our lives...

'Shaunie and Me!': Shaunie and Me - nuff said

'Just let your soooouuuulllll glllooowwww': Joolz an me

'Jimmmaaayyy': Never far from a p1ss up

'Looking left along the table...': Lance & Cheryl with Toni (Venus) & Ralph...

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