Friday, March 30, 2007

Chicago Rock - walsall

Wed 28th Mar 2007

Not many in but it was a good 'un.

After Shaun telling us he was back . . . tonite he wasn't!

Joolz did all roadie stuff on his own, no wonder he lukt-fukt when we got there but fair play to him, he had us all drinks sorted on arrival and that's the mostest importantest thing.

I have decided to start a line of Housequake merchandise - CD's, DVD's, T-Shirts, mugs and maybe car stickers.

I have created a preliminary design for the 1st T-shirt and am calling the 'w.t.f.y.l.a?'

It's a charicature (or the nearest I can get) of Shaunie, here it is:

Shaunie w.t.f.y.l.a? Design. Drawn on back of a beer mat!

Shaunie w.t.f.y.l.a? The real thang. Not a bad likeness if you ask me...


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Caister Holiday Park

Sat 24th Mar 2007

Great Yarmouth . . . again!

I've decided, this blog is becoming a Joolz fest, so he can start writing it.

Thorpe Park - Cleethorpes

Fri 23rd Mar 2007

New shirts!

Jimmmaaayyy's version of the group.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Soul Glow (67) apologises for sending in a pic after he said he wouldn't send anymore!

Apparently he sent the wrong one!

This is the one he wants on the blog!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wild Duck...again

Sat 17th March 2007

The day started out with Joolz (63) sending me a txt that said and I quote:

'You bastard! I'm not sending you anymore pics of me!'

As ever and true to his word, the very next message from him conatained this:

Another pic of Joolz: hmmm...

No Shaunie either.

After txting me to say he was back for good and Housequake ain't the same without him...he decided he had summat better to do within a 10metre/2min walking distance/radius of Drum & Cymbals!

we weren't bothered tho coz his replacement was a lot prettier and did a MUCH BETTER JOB!!!

The lovely Heather (16) well nearly - Compere/ents team at Wild Bills Goose House Duck Shoot! Far prettier...and blondier than Shaun (even if she has housequake members growing out of her head)!

Housequake would like to extend their gratitude to the ents team who helped out enormously on the night...we'll be hearing from your solicitors in the morning!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Housequake member 'Happy Slapped'


Dramatic phone footage of Bryn (29 - Senior Housequake member) have been sent into the HQ press office.

The pic, although grainy clearly shows Bryn (24) being 'Happy-slapped' by a scruffy, smelly and more gingery like looking b@stad - Chappie!

The confrontation was particularly outrageous as Paul (33 - Ginger, Taurus) only took the chance when Bryn (19 - Aquarius, best UK snogger 2001-2005) was ill recovering from his 5 day monster mega birthday bash.

Other members of the group are said to be shocked - Ralph (27- Gemini, m@ssive 4-skin) who actually filmed the event was overheard saying:

'...go on Chappie, ya ginger b@stad! Give him another!'

[The picture below is not for people of a nervous disposition]

Chappie - 'Take that, you older more handsome good looking and better racing car driver than I, Chapster, worthless, juvenile, embittered sex criminal could ever be!'

The hearing continues...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chicago Rock Cafe - Warrington

Tue 13th Mar 2007

wtf? Place was empty, played to about 11 people but they all enjoyed it.

Tried a TVR (Tequila, Vodka & Red Bull), don't do it, they're vile!

Time onstage kept getting pushed back in the hope that it would fill up - £1 a drink at Brannigans over the road prob didn't help.

So we due on at 10:30 and the DJ said he'll come across and have a word about going on later...that he did and we ended up going on at...10:40!

Still a good night despite not many in.

Ralph, soul glow and Dave...

...again but all laffing at who got the biggest most stupidiest furn...

Chappie sat on soul glow's furn...thought he looked pleased with himself!

Wild Duck - Great Yarmouth

Sat 10th March 2007

Holiday Park = clean show.

Good crowd and we here again next Saturday.

Five hour drive each way tho, where is the gimp when you need your @rse massaging?

Jools promised us he wouldn't take any pics of himself whilst he sent me this one instead!

'You know, I think I look good from this angle!': Joolz aka soul glow admiring himself...again!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Maltby Progressive WMC - Rotherham

Friday March 2nd 2007

No major man Shaunie as he got the keys to his new gaff and was all we had lights and stage boards in.

Dave with us but had a warning from Jimmmaaayyy about messing his prop box up.

Aerial Mick's lad (Ian) came for some more of the same and wasted no time in getting stuck in the vodka shots with the aid of a couple of poor lasses that he a Joolz tormented all night.

I'm still not well enuff to be trying to sing...voice had gone after half a song, not happy.

Turned out to be agood un tho, always enjoy playing here.

Joolz was all over this poor lass. Seriously, I got that many pics of him molesting her I'm considering bribing someone.

Aerial Mick's lad (Ian) presenting a bunch of flowers to one of the bar staff.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just for Noz!!!

Sat 24th Feb 2007

Can't remember name of venue...

Big Normans Club.
Big flight of stairs.
Fire escape stairs hanging off so if there's a fire you fall 4 stories out of the fire exit!
Shit hot kebab shop next door...
Oh you know the one!!!

Tonite was a cancellation for fright night, one of 'em was having his nostrils waxed or summat.

Shaunie was responsible for the shit staging, no boards, no lights apparently we never bring 'em in on an upstairs carry? At least that's what Barry sez???


I think he's taking it out on us 'coz he got a shit furn that looks like a packet of chewie gum.


Aerial Mick's lad came tonite and tapped off with a local and her mate, all three spent the night slinging back After Shock, Vodka Shots and them sourz things...fair play to 'em!

Chappie been on the sunbed coz he tryin to look gorgeous for when his Wigan bird come down to Hull...

...she must really snog good!

He's back at the gym as well...

But I think he needs to take his vest off when he goes on the sunbed!

Good night except for Barry White vocals and realised we'd lost 2 mikes from Goose Green.

Was good to see big Norm again!

Joolz not too happy with Chappie for some reason...

Joolz: '...yeah so I texted him back saying - well why don't you ask that word perfect wannabe pop idol to do it...'

Bryn: Zzz...zzz...zzz

Joolz: '...fukin ginger b@stard!'

Bryn: Zzz...zzz...zzz...

Joolz: 'Hey can you tell I've had me hair cut?'

Bryn: 'Oh for fuk's sake!'

We never did find out what it was all about!

Goose Green Labour Club - Wigan

Fri 23rd Feb 2007

Good night, place was packed. Only downers were:

Barry White vocals
A big fight broke out
Stage invasion at end of 2nd set
Some chest out bloke -
we couldn't keep off stage fell through the boards and wrecked the stage

...aside from that and Frankie the Saint losing his teeth, all was good.' that was 6 injections, I'd been sat in the chair over an hour before she got anywhere near me mouth. Hey! blonde, about 22 years old from Serbia, she was a darling, FORTY-TWO pound just for the jabs I said I didn't think I'd have to pay for this lot today you know I've £20 on me...': The legend that is Frankie the Saint, minus his front row.

Chappie had his face snogged off by a girl from Wigan he met on tInternet which he's been texting to death, so it looks like she was impressed with his stage performance and can look past his gingerness.

Bless her, there should be more pro-ginger people around like her...Shaunie said!

Shaunie brought his new mobile furn that looks like a packet of chewie's w@nk!

Jimmmaaayyy in place of Dave and also took over from Joolz in 2nd set.'and I would walk an hundred miles': Stage invasion at GGLB. The guy with his shirt off fell thru the Housequake boards and then fukt off pronto. We also had two microphones nicked...Thanks!