Friday, March 30, 2007

Chicago Rock - walsall

Wed 28th Mar 2007

Not many in but it was a good 'un.

After Shaun telling us he was back . . . tonite he wasn't!

Joolz did all roadie stuff on his own, no wonder he lukt-fukt when we got there but fair play to him, he had us all drinks sorted on arrival and that's the mostest importantest thing.

I have decided to start a line of Housequake merchandise - CD's, DVD's, T-Shirts, mugs and maybe car stickers.

I have created a preliminary design for the 1st T-shirt and am calling the 'w.t.f.y.l.a?'

It's a charicature (or the nearest I can get) of Shaunie, here it is:

Shaunie w.t.f.y.l.a? Design. Drawn on back of a beer mat!

Shaunie w.t.f.y.l.a? The real thang. Not a bad likeness if you ask me...


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