Thursday, March 15, 2007

Housequake member 'Happy Slapped'


Dramatic phone footage of Bryn (29 - Senior Housequake member) have been sent into the HQ press office.

The pic, although grainy clearly shows Bryn (24) being 'Happy-slapped' by a scruffy, smelly and more gingery like looking b@stad - Chappie!

The confrontation was particularly outrageous as Paul (33 - Ginger, Taurus) only took the chance when Bryn (19 - Aquarius, best UK snogger 2001-2005) was ill recovering from his 5 day monster mega birthday bash.

Other members of the group are said to be shocked - Ralph (27- Gemini, m@ssive 4-skin) who actually filmed the event was overheard saying:

'...go on Chappie, ya ginger b@stad! Give him another!'

[The picture below is not for people of a nervous disposition]

Chappie - 'Take that, you older more handsome good looking and better racing car driver than I, Chapster, worthless, juvenile, embittered sex criminal could ever be!'

The hearing continues...

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