Thursday, March 08, 2007

Maltby Progressive WMC - Rotherham

Friday March 2nd 2007

No major man Shaunie as he got the keys to his new gaff and was all we had lights and stage boards in.

Dave with us but had a warning from Jimmmaaayyy about messing his prop box up.

Aerial Mick's lad (Ian) came for some more of the same and wasted no time in getting stuck in the vodka shots with the aid of a couple of poor lasses that he a Joolz tormented all night.

I'm still not well enuff to be trying to sing...voice had gone after half a song, not happy.

Turned out to be agood un tho, always enjoy playing here.

Joolz was all over this poor lass. Seriously, I got that many pics of him molesting her I'm considering bribing someone.

Aerial Mick's lad (Ian) presenting a bunch of flowers to one of the bar staff.

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