Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just for Noz!!!

Sat 24th Feb 2007

Can't remember name of venue...

Big Normans Club.
Big flight of stairs.
Fire escape stairs hanging off so if there's a fire you fall 4 stories out of the fire exit!
Shit hot kebab shop next door...
Oh you know the one!!!

Tonite was a cancellation for fright night, one of 'em was having his nostrils waxed or summat.

Shaunie was responsible for the shit staging, no boards, no lights apparently we never bring 'em in on an upstairs carry? At least that's what Barry sez???


I think he's taking it out on us 'coz he got a shit furn that looks like a packet of chewie gum.


Aerial Mick's lad came tonite and tapped off with a local and her mate, all three spent the night slinging back After Shock, Vodka Shots and them sourz things...fair play to 'em!

Chappie been on the sunbed coz he tryin to look gorgeous for when his Wigan bird come down to Hull...

...she must really snog good!

He's back at the gym as well...

But I think he needs to take his vest off when he goes on the sunbed!

Good night except for Barry White vocals and realised we'd lost 2 mikes from Goose Green.

Was good to see big Norm again!

Joolz not too happy with Chappie for some reason...

Joolz: '...yeah so I texted him back saying - well why don't you ask that word perfect wannabe pop idol to do it...'

Bryn: Zzz...zzz...zzz

Joolz: '...fukin ginger b@stard!'

Bryn: Zzz...zzz...zzz...

Joolz: 'Hey can you tell I've had me hair cut?'

Bryn: 'Oh for fuk's sake!'

We never did find out what it was all about!

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