Thursday, March 01, 2007

Goose Green Labour Club - Wigan

Fri 23rd Feb 2007

Good night, place was packed. Only downers were:

Barry White vocals
A big fight broke out
Stage invasion at end of 2nd set
Some chest out bloke -
we couldn't keep off stage fell through the boards and wrecked the stage

...aside from that and Frankie the Saint losing his teeth, all was good.' that was 6 injections, I'd been sat in the chair over an hour before she got anywhere near me mouth. Hey! blonde, about 22 years old from Serbia, she was a darling, FORTY-TWO pound just for the jabs I said I didn't think I'd have to pay for this lot today you know I've £20 on me...': The legend that is Frankie the Saint, minus his front row.

Chappie had his face snogged off by a girl from Wigan he met on tInternet which he's been texting to death, so it looks like she was impressed with his stage performance and can look past his gingerness.

Bless her, there should be more pro-ginger people around like her...Shaunie said!

Shaunie brought his new mobile furn that looks like a packet of chewie's w@nk!

Jimmmaaayyy in place of Dave and also took over from Joolz in 2nd set.'and I would walk an hundred miles': Stage invasion at GGLB. The guy with his shirt off fell thru the Housequake boards and then fukt off pronto. We also had two microphones nicked...Thanks!

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