Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wild Duck...again

Sat 17th March 2007

The day started out with Joolz (63) sending me a txt that said and I quote:

'You bastard! I'm not sending you anymore pics of me!'

As ever and true to his word, the very next message from him conatained this:

Another pic of Joolz: hmmm...

No Shaunie either.

After txting me to say he was back for good and Housequake ain't the same without him...he decided he had summat better to do within a 10metre/2min walking distance/radius of Drum & Cymbals!

we weren't bothered tho coz his replacement was a lot prettier and did a MUCH BETTER JOB!!!

The lovely Heather (16) well nearly - Compere/ents team at Wild Bills Goose House Duck Shoot! Far prettier...and blondier than Shaun (even if she has housequake members growing out of her head)!

Housequake would like to extend their gratitude to the ents team who helped out enormously on the night...we'll be hearing from your solicitors in the morning!

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