Monday, July 30, 2007

Burnham on Sea - Somerset

Sat 28th July 2007

So after one night of drinking, dancing and nothing to eat, Shaunie wakes up to find himself full of the joys of spring and wanting to show everyone what a big knob he's got.

So here it is!

'D'you like that Abbott, do ya? Do you want a bit o'me eh? EH??? [Thinks to self: 'Hmmm...What the fek am I doin in the same caravan as this nutter?']


Embassy - Selsey

Fri 27th July 2007

1st night of a 2 night mini tour type thingie down the other end of the country.

Bad start as Rich went to collect our new Focus C-MAX, only Dixons went into receivership along with our deposit...bummer!

So joining us for this rent a car to Sussex is Shaunie the main man, coming along for a giggle.

'Oi Grandad, what's that on top of yer ed?' Shaunie having a giggle...yesterday!

Congratulations Grandad

Rich (wooly bully) wilki is a Grandad!!!

I'll post a piccie of his ickle Grandson soon.

Love n best wishes from all the gang!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007


He came back and in his own words said ive still got it.! (Tosser.!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Farm Road WMC - Kendray

Sun 22nd July 2007


Nice full club, prob coz we ain't been in Barnsley for a bit. We all had a good laff 2nite, espesh at Joolz who was whizzing his tits off, sat in the compere box lighting himself up and keeping us in the dark.

Some fekin Razer head Chav kept gettin up and walking about in front of us whilst we were on tho...tosspot! (lol)

Chappie was unavailable for comment...

'Speak to the @rse, coz the face ain't listening'. Actually, you get more sense out of this end!

Shit hot kebab on the way home...

I love me chilli peppers. My kebab with a few chilli peppers, yesterday.


Wazzufuggurrbaztadyeeez..hic! Ralph trashed...yesterday!

Gunton Hall - Lowestoft

Sat 21st Jul 2007

After the dissapointing facade of getting stuck in the floods yesterday, it was a bit hit and miss whether we should attempt to get to Great Yarmouth today, AA reporting A47, A1M and A15, A17 all being blocked.

So we went anyway!

Absolutely clear roads all the way down.

Good gig although we were expecting nobody would like us.

Yeah We'll do it! The ents manager (no it's not Kev Guth) and DJ, helping out in the Village People, yesterday.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Littlecotes House Hotel - Hungerford

After a 6 hour drive in a foot of rain, we had to cancel the gig.

On the way home, we pulled into Castleford to check out their latest pole dancing club, so it wasn't a total write off.

a href="">
Hey girls, how'dya like to come and dance round my pole??? Eh??? Eh??? I'm good Aren't I???? SoulGlow and a couple of pole dancers, yesterday.

Mustang Sallys - Wakefield

Thu July 19th 2007

The Birthday Bash of the Legendary DJ mega Bash-up Meister...Carl Carr.

In fact here he his...

Let me on, let me at 'em! Them's me fans out there...there waitin for me! Our mate Carl, yesterday!

Chicago rock cafe - Wrexham

Usual kind of chig rock venue. All ok

Not much room to get changed, few free dinks, cool crowd, you know?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jools invite: molto apologetico

Yipppeee...Meself, acting like a 3yr old, yesterday.

On monday, SoulGlow invited meself, Ralph & the towel balancer & his girl round to his place for a meal, drinks & drugs (his words, not mine).

The night was gorgeous and Jools pad was pretty impressive with his cooking being top notch and his fridge even better.

I must apologise for the following:

Ruining the whole thing by throwing his new DooVDe's down his freshly laid lawn.
Emptying the contents of his drawers into his bed.
Throwing his toilet rolls out of his bathroom window followed by his kitchen roll and holder.
Putting my bits in both Chappie and Jo's drinks.
And finally smashing a full glass of wine over the fireplace, sending candle wax everywhere and then telling Jools:

'Well it is all your fault for inviting me! You know i'm a bit of a loose cannon when i've ad a drink!'

Jools, i'm sorry for acting like a 3 year old. Your meal was great, you're a great host and i'm sorry for trashing your gaff.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nidd hall hotel

Sorry! This is Jennie, the other pic is of someone who was hanging round backstage after an autograph - inland revenue get everywhere these days!

Nidd hall hotel

This is Jennie, the ents manager. She was so pleased with the show she booked us for the whole of december!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Beeches wmc

This place stinks...of mould, fust and cat piss! Dressing rooms were making us all feel sick to be in they were that tight and minging. Not a bad turn out and we went down ok so that and free Bulmers with ice helped things.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Presthaven Sands Holiday Park


This one came in as a cancellation.

Usual Haven Holiday centre type gig.

Nothing much to say for it.

Nice hot dog!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Haggerston Castle

Berwick Upon Tweed:

Mornin! The Chapster out for his morning paddle, complete with vodka & orange. 3 down and 2 to go. Bit pissed off that 2nite has been the best venue and we all goin home :-( ah well, what's another 3 hours sat on us @rses?

Friday, July 06, 2007

Berwick Holiday Centre

Berwick Upon Tweed:

Last gig with Dave, he headed off to do his ELO lark. Just before we went on, we were told a BIG storm was heading this way. Well when we left the venue we walked out into a fekin raging monsoon! We 'borrowed' a brolly from a hot dog stand and got lost and very wet trying to find our caravan. Best nite so far :-)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Seaton Sands Holiday Village

East Lothian:

The 4 wilki's! The big joke bein there's only 3 of them. . . Well there were 4, until they ate the other one! This dressing room is so fekin small, we all sweatin just standin in it :-(

Craig Tara Holiday Park


Last time we played here we had a mike nicked, so Dave and Rich took something of equal value. . . And usefulness. Oh yeah, it pissed down and i couldn't get a signal on me phone.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

More congratulations in order...

Best wishes go to Shaunie and Caroline on the birth of Madison Mae, born Saturday 30th June at 5:45pm weighing 7lb 4oz, after an induced 31 hours labour!!!!!

Congratulations and love n stuff from Bryn, Caz, Freddie and all the boys!