Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jools invite: molto apologetico

Yipppeee...Meself, acting like a 3yr old, yesterday.

On monday, SoulGlow invited meself, Ralph & the towel balancer & his girl round to his place for a meal, drinks & drugs (his words, not mine).

The night was gorgeous and Jools pad was pretty impressive with his cooking being top notch and his fridge even better.

I must apologise for the following:

Ruining the whole thing by throwing his new DooVDe's down his freshly laid lawn.
Emptying the contents of his drawers into his bed.
Throwing his toilet rolls out of his bathroom window followed by his kitchen roll and holder.
Putting my bits in both Chappie and Jo's drinks.
And finally smashing a full glass of wine over the fireplace, sending candle wax everywhere and then telling Jools:

'Well it is all your fault for inviting me! You know i'm a bit of a loose cannon when i've ad a drink!'

Jools, i'm sorry for acting like a 3 year old. Your meal was great, you're a great host and i'm sorry for trashing your gaff.

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