Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chicago Rock Cafe - Warrington

Tue 13th Mar 2007

wtf? Place was empty, played to about 11 people but they all enjoyed it.

Tried a TVR (Tequila, Vodka & Red Bull), don't do it, they're vile!

Time onstage kept getting pushed back in the hope that it would fill up - £1 a drink at Brannigans over the road prob didn't help.

So we due on at 10:30 and the DJ said he'll come across and have a word about going on later...that he did and we ended up going on at...10:40!

Still a good night despite not many in.

Ralph, soul glow and Dave...

...again but all laffing at who got the biggest most stupidiest furn...

Chappie sat on soul glow's furn...thought he looked pleased with himself!

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