Saturday, February 10, 2007

Skellow Grange WMC - Doncaster

Sat, 9th Feb 2007

Looked like it was going to be a quiet night.

Weather had probly put most people off venturing out, supposed to be having 10cm of snow - wot a load of bollox! We got nothing but rain.

Club has been refurbished and looks v.plush. Comfier chairs and concert room done out with silhouttes of regular group members above dado rail...Glyn from Mens Club easy to spot.

Dave not doing ELO tonite but main man Shaunie not with us, which meant Aerial Mick standing in. If you want Satellite dirt cheap, he's your man!

Absolutely freezing backstage - we could see each others breath but thinking about it, we can in summer so nowt new.


Took us a bit to warm up but once we did, everything went smooov. Some excellent out-of-time dancers on the dance floor giving it summat!

All cool apart from Joolz not too pleased about me posting that bit about his (ex).

Apparently I haven't taken into consideration the delicacy of the situation and what's more, I never pictured his good side!

At least that's what these two told me...

'You're a bunch of @rseholes': These two, at Skellow, tonite...

Showed Ralph how to BlueJack by sending a message to about a dozen handsets that read 'SIM Invalid! Please contact your service provider.'

Kept me amused for while anyway...

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