Monday, February 05, 2007

Cargo Fleet Social Club - Middlesborough

5th Feb 2007

Haven't been here for while but last time, we hadn't been told we wouldn't be coming back!

Last night's concert willie was Johnny Cash, tonight it was Sam off High Chapparal's roof - but he did a good bingo caller impression.

The main topic of conversation this evening: Joolz was keen to make sure that nobody breathed a word about the bird he took to last nights gig.

The reason being she lives with someone and if he finds out she's out with SoulGlow behind his back, she'll be out on her @rse quicker than she can say 'SoulGlow' and that'll be real bad coz then she will have to walk to work and at the minute, his house is only round the corner...or summat like that.

The crux of the matter being: absolutely, on no account whatsoever, don't let anyone make it known that she was there, with Joolz at a Housequake gig.

Photo of Joolz ex he keeps on his mobi...

Despite Shaunie aiming the lights, us looking like a butchers shop window and plenty of OAP's, the night was a success.

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