Monday, February 05, 2007

Haughton Le Skerne WMC - Darlington

4th Feb 2007

Fuk me, where's the rest of the club gone?

Half of the car park is now filled with a block of quite smart looking flats, the stage isn't where it used to be and the whole club looks like it has been levelled, built again half the size and the whole thing moved a bit to the left.

Sold out!

Funnily enuff, last time we were here, the committee said 'You won't be back here again!'

Oh, OK so...where do you want us to set up?

It was something to do with us sitting outside the concert room taking peoples tickets.


Two years since we played here and it was a good un.

Dave theorised that the reason for this was the new buildings had most probably drawn some new interest.

Rich agreed that the overall aesthetic of the club lent it a very clean almost hospital/office like appeal, which would no doubt entice the inhabitants of the posh new flats.

Chappie argued that on the grounds of it being a relatively long abstinence, how could we possibly conjugate that conclusion as we never remember the people we meet anyway.

Ralph quickly berated him, winning the argument by raising his voice and shouting down this incredulous outburst, making Pauls input appear too weak and stupid to take seriously.

Shaun was quick to enter the debate, re-iterating that we are just a bunch of talentless tw@ts who enjoy nothing more than having a good laff and, this is perceived by the audience - via the medium of performance - endearing us to both intellectuals and neanderthals alike.

Joolz stipulated it was time he had a photo taken on his mobile fone...of himself!

I sat back and asked wot the fuk everyone had been drinking.

Skeggy said he'll get us back!

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