Monday, April 02, 2007

Some Haven Holiday Park...

Sat 29th March 2007

...somewhere in Skegness...I think!

Can't remember exactly because for the past three weeks I have been carrying a bottle of Champagne to gigs, it was meant for Shaun and Caroline for their new house.

Thing is, I got fed up of Shaun telling me he's coming and then not showing up that this night was the last we drank it!!!

A bottle of Piper Heidsieck...yesterday!

Sorry Shaun.

What I do remember is that last time we were here, I was put in a headlock by a photographer called Tony.

Grrr, ya b@stad!

Ralph (27) mistakenly thought his name was Tom.

Easy mistake, begins with a 'T' and Ralph's wife is called 'Toni' so you can see where the confusion came from.

When I asked Tony (103, Libra) if he would change his name because Ralph (29, to the left) couldn't spell it in his furn, Tony (98, whistlin on a tuesday jester) went berserk, grabbing the nearest member, Paul (39, frail, white, can I have a night off) with the following result...

Grrr, ya (tall skinny and let's not forget...ginger) b@stad!

Chappie: 'I want my mum!'

Tony: 'Yes! A maternally outraged Margaret could be a useful ally for you right now!'

Soul glow says that this 'blog isn't anything if there are no pics of me!' the lads say 'bollox!'

T'was a good night...from what I can remember.

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