Sunday, April 22, 2007

Frontier - Batley

Sat 21st:

Always nice to play Batley Variety Club, this place holds some very fond memories for all of us!

It was a 1st for Housequake to be granted access to the posh dressing rooms backstage, normally the secret door is locked but tonite it displayed its plethora of hidden rooms:

Proper full size mirrors with all the fancy lights around
Italian tiled shower and seperate toilet
Restroom with T.V. and drinks facilities
Jewel encrusted telephone helmet with automtic massage glove, you name it, it's in there.

Oh and a Piano that Tom Jones shagged on...

That's why I'm greeasy...Mick Hucknall & Tom Jones...yesterday!

Of course I've seen it before when I played with Mens Club, we did a support show for LaToya Jackson and I have a pic of me and her in a compromising pose in that very dressing room...mind you, so has half of Batley...ALLEGEDLEY!

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