Monday, April 02, 2007

News just in...

In a bid to redeem himself, Tony the angry photographer has sent some of his pics in the the Housequake press office.

He wishes to apologise for his headlock behaviour and wants to re-assure any small children that may be watching at home 'No real quakers were injured!'

It is alleged, he was going to use these pictures for bribing purposes, but when he realised that HQ are all colossal perverts, he decided against it:

'I've decided against it!' he said.

Tony: 'This my favourite one...'

', hang on, it's this one!'

'No, no, no. It's definitely this one! This one doesn't have that weird Bob Carolgees bloke on it!'

The trial continues...

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Anonymous said...

Well well well, so the boz eyed ginger bi-sexual one has gone!He rang me about 2 weeks ago but did not mention anything about doing one. I'll give it 2-3 weeks before he's back.