Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shaun gone: Chicago Rock - Mansfield

Wed 4th April 2007


Last time we played here Shaun fukt off in a taxi, this time he's fukt off for good!

His letting us down had gone on far too seriously long enuff by half OK and Ralph decided it would be best to ask him what was going on and if he knew any other roadies.

Ralph added that we were all still mates and he was quite welcome to come away with us as long as it wasn't on a Monday...Tuesday...wednesday, or Thursday, Friday and not on a night that begins with an S!

Never mind, Shaunies replacement made his 1st appearance...Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, Dave...

Shaunie's replacement - Another Dave but nowhere near as ginger as the last roadie so that's a good thing innit?

Speaking of roadies, let's not forget the long haired, saggy eyed Bob Carolgees lookey-likey who is beginning to make a habit of leaving stuff behind.

As you can see here, he's left his fekin clothes behind...

Oh fekin forgetful fekker!

Had a call from Joolz asking me to bring him some moisturiser cream for his eye bags...all I had was some of Freddies baby moisturiser which he used and then complained it stung like fook...big girl!

Remember to bring your own next time...oh and the props!

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