Monday, April 16, 2007

CarrQuake: Mustang sallys - Wakefield

Thu 12th April 2007

Arrived at Rooftop Gardens...I mean Mustang sallys to find the posters outside revealed we had acquired a new member...

Housequakes newestest member:The DJ phenomenon that is Carl Carr!

It was even funnier to find Carl had about 1000 business cards made up and even had his own props box!

I don't know if you've noticed but I'm disabled luv...

Also worth a mention was the Charlie Drake lookey-likey-lesbian who got covered in Rod Stewarts love spray.

She stood at the front of the stage for what seemed an eternity, whilst a full can of avalanche was unleashed on her boat race, before finally realising she was covered like a cream pie, at which point she jumped onto the stage and came after Rod Stewart (who hid behind Soul Glow backstage) and was escorted off by a doorman.

Was well funny!

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