Monday, April 30, 2007

Old McEwan Centre - Sunderland

Sat 28th:

Arrived three hours is that all about?


Tonite Matthew, we find ourselves sandwiched between a kick-ass 70's groove band [Link here: Miami Beach ] that featured teen pop guitar hero James from Busted in his new line-up which, coincidentally is owned by the guitarist...some say he's a guy who is always cold and has a spare pair of rectractable back up ears??? All we know is they call him the Mandy!

Jim from Busted with his new band: Mandy? Jim, JJ and Uncle Fester

No tuned percussion here I don't mind tellin ya, wot with all that goin on and foxy Welsh singstress/vocalist J.J heading up the front, you know it's time to get on up and get down bitch funky sexy soul machine brutha! Now...before you break yer fukin back!

I was dismayed to find the druggie drummer trying to lead young (and quite frankly, green) Virgin Jim astray backstage, openly asking me if I wanted some of his wares - he had some antibiotics and the best Paracetamol granny can get her hands on this side of Garstang, all washed down with pure non-diet coca cola!

These pop stars these days, hey, it doesn't surprise me!

I made my excuses and left.

Many thanks to the compere (who's name we couldn't remember as he reminded us too much of our agent Norman Thewlis), for helping us out in the Village People by dressing up as the sailor...although his good lady friend informed us he would have preferred the leather gear and big moustache!

A compere dressed as a sailor...yesterday

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