Thursday, April 12, 2007

Barnsley Trades and Labour

Sat 7th April 2007


Without a doubt, the best gig of the week so far, despite it now being Soul Glow's turn to play a Shaunie/Chappie and pull out of the is going on?

What is it coming down to??? Answers on a postcard to...

After telling Shaun never to come again, Ralph stayed true to his word and asked Shaun along tonight.

Shaun didn't know if he 'could make it mate' as he 'would be busy' at his new house 'all day'.

When Shaun called to find out what time we were leaving, he was pished as a fart due to 'sitting in the sun drinking copious amounts of alcohol all Mossie's BBQ instead'.

He made it to Barnsley anyway.

It was noticed tonight that our new Roadie Sprout has exactly the same nose as our old roadie, Barry Gibb.

Beer Mat Bazza...

...and Sprout! Wearing the exact same shnozzle!

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