Sunday, January 06, 2008

Atherlsey Social - Barnsley

Sat Jan 5th


Rich off ill with man flu, had to fanny about picking up Joolz, satnav took us a real arse-about-face way here so when we arrived we should have been on stage 10 minutes ago.

Club committee can be a real p.i.a - we had already been told that if we didn't bring our own lights we would be turned away at the door...the same fekin door Ralph & Chappie were sat at 20 minutes waiting to get in, whilst the club owner (who lives upstairs) read his newspaper sat on the pan!

This venue has a good set of lights cnut can be arsed to turn em on!

Happy New Year!

I don't want to do this place again, me & Ralph got asked to move coz we were stood ever so slightly near the end of the bar, where the glass collector needs a 20 foot radius to operate?

Apparently, you can't put a round table at front coz all others are square???

What are you doing? You can't stand/put/even think about putting that there!

BIG Thanks to Steve and Ariel Micks lad for helping out 2nite!

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