Thursday, January 31, 2008

Doobie Brothers Club - Bolton

Sat 26th Jan ...3 days to my B.Day...

Some club in Bolton...can only remember bits of it!

Was OK til Chappie gave some stuff and said 'just hold the spoon over the flame and that brown stuff will turn into a smoking liquid. When it does, get yer nose in and inhale'll be a right gud laff!'

This is a picture of Jo...with her tongue out!

This is a picture of Jo...with her knob out!

This is Joolz and meself looking quite pleased?! What was that stuff called again Chappie?

The next day I had lost £50 and had most of my teeth kicked out. I sent Ralph a txt. asking if he knew wot had happened and he replied he didn't, but sent me this pic saying that this dodgy looking wierdo was hanging about backstage.

This was the takeaway...allegedley.

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