Monday, February 04, 2008

Kendray WMC - Barnsley

Sun Feb 3rd

Didn't know we had this one in? Neither did club by look of it coz it was empty.

Dave came along and wanted to know what had happened to all his stuff; we didn't want to tell him Joolz borrows it to go out in!

Steve helping out tonight as Joolz was no show.

Good laff with the ginger lass in a green top who kept telling me she didn't like me...was it coz I told her ginger and green should never be seen?

Better laff when she whinged at me and I invited her on stage to rub against our own binger gastard to see if we could really get green sparks.

"Mister, do you realy get green sparks?" "Yes you smelly little ugly binger gastard, now fuk off!"

A binger gastard...yesterday!

Makes a change to remember what went off!

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