Friday, October 13, 2006

1st post

Well, as I have dug out my old web designs for HOUSEQUAKE, I have been thinking about creating a new is long overdue and I need to dust off my design skills.

As using a guestbook on sites these days can lead to email harvesting and spammers galore, I thought I would investigate the use of Blogging for things like guestbooks, posting pics taken at gigs, etc.

We'll see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it's about time you lazy sod!

Don't know why you took off the Flash site, I thought it was great - in a kind of amateur don't know what you're doing way LOL :D

Anyways, I'll be watching.



Thanks Rich?

I have been mulling over what sort of content to add to the new site, I'm thinking:

Home page:
Self explanatory really...

A brief on all the members complete with pics. eg. fave food, music, most embarassing moment etc...

A biog of the HQ line-up - what we all did to end up where we are now...

News posts of what's (not) going on...

HQ FAQ - All the answers to the questions we get asked...

HQ Tips - Handy helpful tips that the group would like to share...

List of upcoming gigs...

Various ways of getting in touch...

Guestbook - leave a message, see what others are saying...

HQ BLOG - Here it is!

Various URL's frequented by the group, agents sites, clubs/venues...

Shop - New!!! Fully intergrated with Paypal so you can purchase CD's, Mugs, Car stickers DVD's and...original material from the group when they were 'nearly famous'

Gallery - pics of the group performing at various locations...

Media - sound clips off the CD's...

You Tube - We now have a presence on the biggest, fastest growing home video outlet

Pieman said...

Now then Boys.

I'm glad to see that you are using the new Blogging revolution to keep in touch with your fan!

I often look on your website to see how my ex-bandmates are doing.

As you know I have now aquired a feeder who is trying his best to get me upto 35 stone to fullfill his sexual desires.......only got another 2 stone to go to reach my target.

I would love to come and see you sometime but it's getting harder to hire the crane from Sam Alan's to winch me off my bed, as they are using it most days on the new devolpment in the town centre.

Anyways, can't lie here pratting about sending you mesages cus Gweedo has just brought me another pile of sausage rolls from Skeltons.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon from your ex band member.