Thursday, November 30, 2006

28/11/2006: Chicago Rock - Stevenage

Arrived at venue around 8:30pm after a 3hour drive, discovering that AA route plan was spot on and we not due onstage until 11:00pm

2 free drinks tokens a piece and a buzzing crowd helped in not letting Shaun's bad back put a downer on things.

Place was quite full and was surprised to have been able to bluejack as many people as I did - was quite funny that Rich received a bluejack from a group sat at a table in front of us, complete with pic of some dodgy woman in a 'I shot JR' t-shirt who was just staring at him.

The crowd were very responsive and as always when close to audience, we managed to grab a few passers-by and mildly intimidate them.

The star of the evening was a local lad called Daniel, who looked remarkably like one half of the Proclaimers. Daniels dancing is something to be...inspired by!

I have a mobile video of him dancing to Jump on our YouTube Channel which is outrageous, he really doesn't give a f**k!

A good gig and venue, good crowd and we enjoyed the night...if only it wasn't for the 3 hour slog home.

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