Saturday, December 06, 2008

Admiral Signs X-Mas Bash...

Well, there were a few celebrities in tonight but in an ironic twist of whatever it is...they all refused to have their pictures taken with us!

The obvious solution being to print their lookey  likeys here for you all to decide who is who.


George...well al least his suit was in! Or was it Miami Spice?


Ant or Dec...whatever. The one on the right was in! Perhaps not looking so...well, macho (in this pic)!


David was in but he had on his glasses!


Max was there...until the bitter end I might add!!!  Top bloke, even accepted a biz card lol.  IS this your CEO?

He fookin should be init?


Not an easy one to spot but Noel was sat right at front of us!

0845... what was it now?

Seriously, if anyone thinks we're taking the p1ss too much...just remember who we had on stage with us...


...nuff said!

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