Sunday, May 20, 2007

Burlington Club - Rotherham

Sat May 19th 2007:

Fookin 'ell they take the bingo seriously here!

On the way in there was a couple crying and shouting and screaming at each other about telling her dad summat...he has to tell im coz he can't keep it in like that.

I got the the impression they were bro & sis and he has to come out of his closet?

I reckon best thing to do is get some wind chimes for his garden then invite the folks round...

'Hi Dad, I've bought some wind chimes'

'I'll fetch your mother'

Got better when 2nd song in someone had be carried out from the front and into an ambulance...had a bad trip or summat.

The committee were hell bent on evryone being able to hear the bingo and Ralph nearly got filled in for calling Soul Glows dancing partner a trollop!

All in all, a good night despite the club being as big as a shoe box and hard to find.

Incidentally, this is the 1st time we've played this venue!

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