Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Combe Haven - Hastings

Fri 4th May 2007

Bloody 'ell, we've been here b4 but I don't remember!!! The lads reckon 'coz I'll have been trashed.

'Oh I'm sorry, did I spoil your shot?': Chapster, doin a SoulGlow and getting in on someone elses pic.

OK in a usual Haven holiday type kind of way, all of us crammed into a single chalet with me cramped up on the couch, only to find in the morning it extended out into a double bed...fek, arse fek arse!!!

A game of poker commenced when we got into our chalet, with Joolz informing us (again) he's been to Las Vegas...etc...etc playing poker with the best! Funny then that he was 1st out!

An assortment of snoring, gnarling, tooth grating type budgie whistling and farting noises to keep Jimmmaaayyy awake during this his 1st expedition into staying away with HQ.

Onwards, to IOW!

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