Saturday, May 12, 2007

Skellow Grange WMC - Doncaster

Fri 11th May 2007

We haven't been here for a while so it was nice to see a full club.

Tonights line-up consisted of Chappie, Rich, Ralph, Jimmmaaayyy, Dave Sprout, Soul-Glow and meself.

Leah and Abi came along as they were bored in Hull, allegedley!

Soul-Glow & Leah...yesterday

Jools: 'I really can sing like Lionel you know...'

Leah: 'Oh for fuks sake...'

Couple of things to remember:

Firstly, when questioned about his performance on the karaoke on the Isle of Wight, Joolz (Soul-Glow) had this to say: 'The video did not do justice to my singing, you know as well as I do I can sing like Lionel Ritchie! If you had used a betterer camera, maybe it wouldn't have sounded so bad'

Well all I can say is the camera never lies, so I'm posting a vid of these comments on our youtube channel.

Secondly, we have decided to introduce a kind of 'readers wives' section but with a twist...WAGS of the group can send in pics of their relevant partners and we post the best ones.

And to kick us off, we have had this sent in from Jo in Wigan...

How's that for summat to hang your washing on? You like that don't ya? God you're gonna gerrit etc...etc...

We don't know which band member it is so we're offering a free Housequake DVD to anyone who can correctly identify him.


Anonymous said...

Tthe cock belongs to chappie, i know this because i have put it in many a fanny for him when he was a young boy, my how the ginger twat has grown!!!!!


Thanks anonymous, but you do realise in that opting to stay anonymous, you don not win the DVD?

Anonymous said...

nice to see a shit act, getting by on vulgarity and fuck all in the way of talent. this type of act goes well at your typical wmc where they cater to the tossers that frequent themie losers!!

HOUSEQUAKE said... the wrong answer!

Thank you anyway, we'll keep it up!

Anonymous said...


katy said...

its chappies!king's lynn gig just the best,here's hopin u loonies pass by somewhere near here again soon!

Brendan said...

wow, wouldnt mind a bit of that!!

Brendan said...

wow, wouldnt mind a bit of that!!