Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chicago Rock Cafe - Norfolk

Thu 10th mAY 2007

Fek me worra squeeze!

Absolutely no room backstage to swing a cat!

Although not many in to start off with, the place filled up with an assortment of wiredos: Snow White, Cruella DeVille, Cinderella, Little Bo Peep, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Jimmie Osmond the list went on.

Too much screaming going on tho...we're not Take That you know! Just turn it in!!!

No Rich tonight as he was going to a prom so Dave doing his Little Britain, which was funny. Rich is about three times bigger than Dave so the props hanging on for grim were funny for the audience to see, but even funnier coz it's not wot we're used to seeing.

Also nice to have Shaunie helping out, but scary that when him and Sprout have no tops on, they look like they're wearing the same body...tin ribs and all!

A good un but no pics taken, which was a shame.

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