Monday, August 13, 2007

Chicago Rock Cafe - Aylesbury Leisure Park

Thu Aug 9th 2007

Raplh & Chapster doin the REAL roadie thang and staying out!!!

Sent a pic of Da Vinci's cat to Ralph...

'Saw this and thought of you...'

Here was my reply...

'Saw these bastards and thought of you...'

Looks like they had fun.

We were on for a good few more bookings (and free drinks) until Ralph called the Manager by someone elses name, after speaking with him most of the night. You wot? and I can fukin dance!

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CRAsh said...

Don't worry boys - i'm sure you'll be back in Aylesbury before too long - i'll find you some more sailor/Indian victims...that is if you want to come back here?