Saturday, August 25, 2007

Country Park - Hessle, Hull

Fri Aug 24th 2007

On Wednesday, I ordered some jars of pickled chillies from the Chille Foundry and was expecting them to turn up today...they didn't!!!

Bunch o' Nazi Fascist B@stads!


Great gig again! We had hired some much needed lights for tonite and it made a helluva difference.

Loadsa smoke, loadsa lasers, loadsa light but it wasn't that the made the night great, it was our regular Hull crowd...absolutely 100% into it and ready for a laff!

SoulGlow showed off his new (3rd) Indian headdress but we were let down by not having anyone to wear the Dafydd Thomas (I'm the only gay in the Village) outfit for Village People...theres a joke in there but I'm not sure everyone gets it?

wtf...stonking night, always great to play in our hometown innit!

They even put up with Critch!

'Ey, I fukin love you lot, you're fukin brilliant that's what you're fukin ace!' That is until Critch digs out a shirt from backstage and tries to be one of the band.

We love him and that but he doesn't do us any favours getting up on stage and wailing down a mike!

(Don't tell him we said that!)

As an added bonus, I was sent this night a picture of the Chapster, drawn by no less than his bird!

I can't print the message that came with it simply because I don't wish to offend the skinny fat arctic white crabstick flavoured narrow shouldered pot bellied pigeon chested ginger b@stad, but I'll gladly post the pic.

It has been carefully drawed and as such depicts all the nuances that Chapsters bird likes about him (except the towel balancing trick) so, withour further ado, here it is...

Hmmm...that's how Chappies bird sees him that is! I shall let the sound of your laughter tell it's own story.

Big Thanks go out to the DJ for being our sailor tonite - very camp - and the guys who supplied the light show...nice one! You made us look good which is summat Stephen Spielberg can't do.

We do appreciate it and just to show our gratitude - sometime, maybe, maybe not, Ralph will buy you all a drink...when his dole cheque comes through!

Not forgetting a Hooooooj thanks to everyone who came and had a make the nite wot it is!



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Jo said...

Thought you were going to refrain from calling me 'Chappies's bird' from now on??!