Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chicago Rock Cafe - Redditch

Thu Aug 23rd 2007

It seemed like it took us a very long time to get that all I seem to moan about these days??? But we did hit a standstill on the M1 and made a horrendous fekin detour, Dave's trilogy of terror DVD with naughty undertones did take the sting out a bit.

Anyways, we made it - Hooray!

Sat outside with all the smokers again - huroo!

Chapsters girlfried (I'll refrain from calling Jo 'his bird' as they seem quite serious) staying over so it was nice to see her.

Bit of a dismal gig; a fair few in but they didn't really seem interested and those that did were only trying to outdo us by prancing about right in front of the stage?

What's that all about???

I managed to really piss off some hacked off looking woman by asking her friend 'what's wrong with her?'

Her friend replied 'Don't ask!'

I said 'I think you'll find I already did!'

To this the hacked off looking woman (let's call her Beryl...she looked like a Beryl) waved a hand at me...well...

This hand looked like pornographically filthy.

So I continued the one way conversation by asking 'What the fuks that on your hands?'

Result = One even more hacked off looking Beryl!

Especially when I voiced my opinion, over the mike, to everyone, that I felt it looked like she had been 'digging graves with her bare hands'

Funnily enuff, she didn't dance!

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