Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hafen Y Mor - Pwllheli, Gwynedd

sAT 18TH aUG 2007

Another Haven.

Fekin miles away and not helped by the fact that it was pissing down all the way there and back!

Only saving grace was Rich's excellent twisting of a coat hanger to create a bracket for his new tablet DVD player.

Hot Fuzz...innit? Riches excellent handiwork. I reckon he should go down Whitefriargate and bend coat hangers into peoples names and animal shapes an that - he'd make a packet!

We watched Hot Fuzz (again...) and that new film with your man from Hannibal Lecter where he shoots his missus in the moy after finding out she's banging a cop, represents himself in court, shows that the arresting officer was banging his missus, manages to plant the gun that he used on the same guy, turns his missus life support off and nearly...very nearly gets off with it.

If it wasn't for a final monlogue and that pesky meddling young lawyer!!!


Gig was OK, staff are always friendly and helped out with our new (3rd) brand new Indian Headdress for Village People.

'Young Man, theres no need to feel down. I said young man...etc...etc...etc' Our 3rd Indian Headdress in 8 months.

'Tell you who are a good act...Smokey! Oh yeah, we 'ad a rite gud laff about it!' Me and Ralph sat in the van...yesterday!

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