Friday, August 10, 2007

WTF is goin on???

Just in case our regular viewers may wonder about the 'all over the placeness' of our blog lately, it's because both Ralpf and meself are trying blogging from mobile devices.

Ralph has a SonyEricsson K800i which blogs straight to the HQ-blog but it eats his credit, whilst I'm using me new Nokia N95...which doesn't go striaght to our blog...(b@stad thing!!!)

But I've finally cracked it!

Just in case anyone is interested, you have to set up a Flickr account on your mobile. This gives you the ability to upload pics to their webspace, which is a kind of online gallery.

With a Flickr setup, you need to tweak it to forward your posts onto your Blogger space.

What a ball-ache, espesh as I've only got the one!!!

But this only works from your PC, right now only posts from your mobile go to Flickr. If you blog from your PC the tweak works fine...

To get posts from your mobile going to both Flickr AND Blogger, you need to download a config file onto your N95 and go through the setup again.

So you now have two Flickr accounts on your Nokia: One which posts to Flickr and one which posts to Flickr and Blogger.

It's been a nightmare but normal service should resume shortly.

That's all from me...

I've been the BrynMeister, you've been you.

Until next time friends, thank you for watching, we'll be hearing from your solicitors in the morning.

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