Saturday, December 02, 2006

1/12/2006: Goose Green Labour Club - Wigan

What a night!!!

It must have been June time when we were last at GG and it was good to see the place heaving.

The chill of the damp cold evening was soon lost upon entering the concert room, purely because of all the body heat in was packed!

A couple of Goose Green Studs (cockatils made with Tia-Maria, Taboo and Jack Daniels) were ordered and the 1st set was crashed into.

The line up this evening consisted of meself (Bryn 27), Chappie (36), Ralph (29), Rich (29), Joolz aka 'Soul Glow' (157 but he doesn't look it), Shaun (42) and Jimmie the finger (11) pronounced 'JIMMMAAAYYY'.

Plenty of response from the 'get stuck in' Wigan crowd made sure that we felt comfortable and were eager to put out a good vibe, plenty of laffs at Chappie's helium effect singing and Cheeky Girls to name just a couple.

Frank 'the Saint' Sinclair, the clubs Compere was backstage offering his usual merchandise: dont-reactolite sunglasses, tachini tracksuits and those little blue things that go 'eeeep' when squeezed, but as we had all spent up on wine, women and amateur dramatics the week before, no-one purchased anything. The Saint called us all a bunch of talentless tw@ts.

2nd set saw a few old ones thrown in and the crowd were up dancing from the off.

Chappie managed to glow a little bit red on stage when a group of lasses kept feeling his balls and Soul Glow, in Daves place demonstrated his porn star dancing...again!!!

A thoroughly enjoyable gig, we always like playing GG cos the people are always friendly, the drinks are wicked and the club is banging.

'They're a complete set of talentless tw@ts': Frank the Saint, Compere, Goose Green Labour Club.


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