Monday, December 18, 2006

16/12/2006: Potters Green - Coventry

Private booking.

Fekin 'ell we thought when we arrived, looked like a job club and no-one wanted to be there.

Fekin 'ell we thought when we did hear the PA, Shaun and Joolz having wired everything into the fallback amp and the mikes upside down.

A lot of dispute about clean or dity act as we had been asked for clean but then Terry (97), Club compere asked us for some filth.

Ralph took everyone to one side and stressed that we needed paying so cut down on the swearing...he then was 1st on shouting 'fuckity fuck, get fucking black ya fuckin muthafuckers!'

"Yeah, you ya bastad!": A Temptation by a fire exit, yesterday.

I decided to ask the audience at key points of the show "Do you want the censored version or the full filth?" answer always yes!

Some people wished they had voted the other way after seeing Rod Stewart ascertain if the jamrag really did belong to Tina Turner.

That'll learn 'em!

All's well that ends well and the crowd to our delight enjoyed the show, Terry (102) coming backstage to say how much everyone liked us and want us back, not one complaint (hooray) until I got out of the dressing cupboard (hooroo).

I was informed by a lovely Catholic Irish lady called Cath (74), that we all had lovely voices, our singing was beautiful and we don't need to do that comedy stuff 'coz it's just not funny.

I tried to explain that we are an adult only comedy showgroup and that's what we do, reinforcing my argument with the fact she was the only person to complain.

Cath (87) said "Well I won't be back to see that dorty filth, but I'll hear you sing again...anyhow, this is me husband, we have a terrific sex life..." and on she went about how they'd been at it from kids before they were married and every which way and place you could imagine. Plenty of material to put in our act.

Fair play to ye!

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