Tuesday, December 12, 2006

7/12/2006: Mustang Sallies - Wakefield

Usual Wakey gig, place was quiet but soon filled up.

Carl (DJ) stressed we should do the full show and not pull out our Taliban act because he wanted to get up and do that bit, despite him having to set up the gear as the roadies had forgotten how to wire all five cables in!!??

Couple of free drinks tokens for us all, a couple o' bottles of champers that got downed in mega quick time and we were ready to go, Carl introducing us with:

"We only want girls down here at the front, all you blokes stay at the back. We don't want any fellas watching us"

Carl also performing in Temptations, Kelly Osbourne, Thriller monster, Rod & Tina, Village People, Taliban, Village People and Riverdance.

[Rant /mode on]

Couple of dumb fukkers at front, just stood looking at their mobi's whilst we're onstage . . . wtf is that all about??? I mean, JUST STOOD IN FRONT OF THE STAGE, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DANCE FLOOR WHILE THE ACT'S ON, TXTING SOME B@STARD???

Better still, even trying to hold a conversation with some poor tw@t who can obviously hear even less than the pillock who's calling them!


[Rant /off]

George Bush: "She's not from round here!"
Taliban: "She is, she's that fukin teacher from Dewsbury!"

Joolz showed off his new Red Indian Headdress, wonder how long it will last???

Shaun just showed off, that'll last!!!

Big Thanks to Carl, oh and Joolz...for getting him to set up our gear!

"I'm the only one with any real talent in this set o'bastards!": Carl, DJ extraordinaire, Wakey wakey

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