Monday, December 25, 2006

Housequakes Big Boozy Crimble P1ss Up - Part One

Country Park, Hessle Foreshore, Hull: 22/12/2006

£10:00 a ticket and you get a Turkey and Cranberry sandwich on entry??? I would have wanted a complimentary holiday in Tailand contraceptives included but I suppose it is Christmas.

Once again it was about 10 people deep at the bar, the place was heaving and there wasn't enuff staff to keep everybody moist, at least all that body heat kept us all warm.

It is always nerve wracking playing to a home crowd, especially one that knows full well what they're coming to see. Housequake have performed in the middle of the pitch at Old Trafford doing pre match warm-ups for Sky TV and we still only get nervous when we play at home?!


This gig went down a storm and we can't say it was 'coz of Christmas 'coz it's the same every time we do the CP.

Bit of contradiction for me calling it a big boozy p1ss up as I was on coke (noooo, the drink!) whenever I could get to the bar.

Trying to make use of me new mobi as a kind of 'gig-cam' and take some footage from an onstage view, Brown Eyed Girl and Sweet Caroline here on our YouTube channel.

You can't make out too much but if anything you can see how full it was and how the crowd were getting stuck in.

We'd like to thank everyone that came to CP for making it the great night it was!

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