Tuesday, December 12, 2006

9/12/2006: Brannigans - Crawley

Fek we're geting some miles in! Four hours here, Seamus O'Hoolahan!

Arrived early again so had about 3hrs to kill before going on, we got a few free drinks to help us get over it though.

I demonstrated Bluejacking to Joolz by sending anonymous texts to a 'Mrs Baldminge' who was stood looking puzzled at her mobi, Joolz then went over and enquired "Mrs Baldminge I presume" he was suitibly impressed that I knew what I was doing . . . I don't know what Mrs Baldminges sentiments were though.

It would have been funnier if I'd have sent him over to someone else but as usual, one always thinks of what one SHOULD have done.


I personally had a feeling before going on that Crawley wouldn't like us, being Northerners and that but they seemed to enjoy everything we threw at them, nice one!

Bit of a disaster for Chappie who we were delighted stepped in for Lucky Shaun; Shaun very brutally accidentally getting drunk whilst trying to sell a basket of pups.

The dynamic duo (Joolz and Chappie) were just about to get onto the M1 when they realised they'd forgot to remember to fuel up, the unsurprising result being they spent a few hours on the M25 waiting for some diesel to arrive.

Whilst there they did remember they had taken the brand spanking new Indian headdress out of a box to put in the van . . . and had left it at the club.

Numpties on more than one count!

"They are nowt but a pair of talentless dimwitted fukwits, aside from that, I have no comment to make": A Red Indian Headdress by a painting, yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great idea Abbot. luv it.

The Gimp